Shocking Yoga Beginner Mistakes That Could Leave You Injured

in Apr 16, 2024

Minimising mistakes as a beginner yogi is tough! And some beginner no-nos can take you by surprise. We all make mistakes, but here are some shockers you might not have thought of! Give them a read and you could save yourself from an injury (or an embarrassing fall at class!).

Beginner vs Intermediate

Don’t over-estimate your experience! No matter how many YouTube instructional videos you’ve watched, the class format is different and you should always approach your first class as an absolute beginner! Taking a too advanced yoga class could not only end with you on your bottom on your yoga mat, but could cause you an injury! Don’t run before you can walk, fledgling yogis!

Know Your Style

There are vast options when it comes to choosing a style of yoga, and this is daunting for the beginner. But before starting a class, find out what each style entails! Many are not prepared for how energetic and physically demanding some styles, such as Ashtanga Yoga, can be. However, this doesn’t mean you should approach all yoga with caution – ask your teacher beforehand what classes involve and what level of fitness you need.

Eat Right

Don’t eat just before practice! This can be harmful and make you queasy! As with all exercise, yoga should not be done with a full belly. Wait till after practice to have your meals! This is a classic beginner mistake and can ruin a yoga practice! Small snacks and meals are fine, but save that lasagna for after.

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Stay safe beginner yogis!