Kundalini: White Options Spotlight

in Apr 16, 2024

Kundalini yoga practice is gathering momentum! We are happy to say we at Yogamasti have you Kundalini Yogis covered! Our ultra comfortable yoga clothing has plenty of white outfit combos for you to choose from. So don’t sweat it and have a browse!

Our white Chakra Pants combine hand painted designs and organic cotton, and are perfect to remind you to pull your spiritual energy up through the chakras during kundalini practice. Besides looking beautiful, of course!

Comfort Flow

Our Comfort Flow collection is very popular with kundalini Yogis. It combines pure white with absolute comfort – loose fitting, silky and sporting a folded comfort waistband our Comfort Flow pants are a bestseller, and for good reason. Our comfort flow tops provide bust support to hold you in inversions and make sure you are comfortable practicing.

You don’t have to do this specific practice style to rock white at yoga class. Everyone can give this look a go, so don’t be shy! Summer is here and it’s just the right time for white time!

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