Top Yoga Tools – Support and Boost Your Practice!

in Apr 16, 2024

There are plenty of tools available to support your yoga practice, so don’t fret! Equipment is a big deal, and can really give you a boost when you’re just starting out. From elevating blocks to towels to belts, it’s difficult to know where to start. So here are a few of our top yoga tools and how to use them.


Built to help your body maintain positions and stay aligned, yoga blocks are an essential tool.

Our blocks are made from EVA foam so are lightweight, durable, and capable of supporting your whole body. As a bonus, they come in some funky colours too, so add some zing and zest to your yoga tools!


Our organic cotton belts are great for beginners! They’re great tools for aiding stretches and are extremely strong and durable. When you first start out, some poses are difficult to hold, and that’s where our belts come in! Think of them as fashionable yoga scaffolding!


Yoga can be hard work, no? Especially good if you’re practicing hot yoga, these super absorbent, silicone grip yoga mat towels are tools to be reckoned with! Non-slip and versatile, they can be a towel or a mat, and will help you stay stable when you are working up a sweat.


If you want a comprehensive yoga toolkit, why not grab one of our Yoga Kits? Perfect for beginners and veterans alike, these kits combine all of the above and more – you’ll have all you need to get up and going!

Lastly, find the right tool for you! Try everything!

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