Yoga Fashion & Beauty: The Bindi

in Apr 16, 2024

Good morning Beautiful Yogi’s

Today I want to talk about the outer beauty of a woman’s body, that comes from within:

The Bindi.

A Bindi, for those of you who don’t know, is usually a small forehead decoration that is placed between the eyes and just above the eyebrows. The term is from Sanskrit and means “dot, small particle, a drop”. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Although this beautiful piece of jewellery has had a very significant religious meaning, today it’s worn as a more fashion statement. It is there to effectively ‘decorate’ the forehead as one would ‘decorate’ the eyes with makeup. Bindis can now be seen on men, women, boys and girls, no matter the age and no matter the marital status, religious background or ethnic affiliation. You can even buy “bindi stickers” which are in fact little pieces of decorative metal or felt placed with an adhesive platform on the other side so that you can place one on yourself for fashion. Pretty cool hey??

Many celebrities actually wear this type of jewellery, such as Gwen Stefanie, former leader of the musical band No Doubt; Madonna; Selena Gomez; Katy Perry and many more..!

So let me ask you… Do you ever wear a Bindi for fashion?

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Yogi Hugs from Yogamasti

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