Leamington Peace Festival This Weekend – Come See Us!

in Apr 12, 2024

Festival Time Again! Leamington Peace Festival 2019 Coming Up!

We’re in historical Leamington Spa this weekend! Every year the Leamington Peace Festival brings everyone together to celebrate all things unifying and positive! We love this festival – it’s a yearly treat for us in a gorgeous location – plus it’s open to everyone, so we get to show our stuff to people we wouldn’t usually meet! We take half our Buddha Boutique with us to our stand for just this reason! It’s easy to forget that lots people outside of the yoga world haven’t discovered the joy of singing bowls and meditation stuff. (It’s always a joy to play a singing bowl to excited little kids, too!)

This festival has been going since 1978 – making it one of the UKs oldest free festivals. The positive atmosphere and wonderful location keep people coming back! It was founded on the idea of international co-operation and unity, and has been going strong ever since. It has even stayed in the same location – the Pump Room Gardens in central Leamington.

If you can get here, it would be amazing to see you guys – we have discounts to give away and plenty of stuff to see, plus all the food, fun and variety of a large-scale event! Join us this 15th and 16th of June for the Leamington Peace Festival!