Root Chakra Problems – Symptoms & Solutions

in Apr 12, 2024

Sluggish? Disconnected? Fearful? Here’s the most common root Chakra problems symptoms and advice for healing the root Chakra. Check out our guide to the Root Chakra here. If you’re not familiar with the Chakras, also check out our intro here.

“To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless. Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life.” – Anodea Judith (From Eastern Body, Western Mind, one of our Yoga book recs)

Root Chakra Problems: Symptoms Of A Blocked Root Chakra With Solutions

Symptom: Feeling sluggish or disconnected from your body

Solution: One is Yoga, obviously! Yoga unifies the body and mind, releasing you from ego and allowing you to exist only in the moment. Yoga allows the movements of the body to keep the self rooted in the present moment. Let go of fear of the past and future and connect to what your body is experiencing right now.

Our second solution is not being misled by body image. Many peoples lack of feeling of ‘ownership’ of their own body starts with negative body image, exacerbated by societal pressure. Healing your relationship with your body is key to healing the root Chakra. Try this meditation for positive body image:

Symptom: Poor focus and personal dicipline

Solution: Stay hydrated. Your brain needs adequate hydration to cleanse itself of toxins and keep you sharp and creative. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is hard at first, but you feel the difference very quickly!

Take notes. There’s a reason so many people are addicted to to-do lists! They give you an awesome sense of accomplishment and keep you on task (and remembering what tasks need doing!). Try splitting your tasks into ‘MUST do today’ and ‘Will TRY to do today’. It’s a simple, free way to stay motivated.

Symptom: Dissociation

Solution: Dissociating and losing our sense of being ‘real’ can be frightening and isolating. Try these grounding techniques to keep you in the real world and feeling like you have control.

Symptom: Fear of the future

Solution: Remember that fear is just your body’s way of keeping you safe. We cannot control what tomorrow brings, only what we do right now. Use the present moment to lay groundwork for a safer future, rather than dwelling on possible outcomes. I find this chart from lifehacker a helpful reminder: 

Extra Tips For Healing The Root Chakra

Root Chakra problems symptoms are pretty easy to identify, but the Root Chakra is tougher to tackle in a general way. Try meditating on these affirmations from “Eastern Body, Western Mind” speak them aloud and keep them with you.

“It is safe for me to be here.”

“The earth supports me and meets my needs.”

“I love my body and trust my wisdom.”

“I am immersed in abundance.”

“I’m here and I’m real.”

You can also keep them fresh in your mind and memorized by writing them down for as many times as it takes for them to stick.

Also try and reconnect with nature in any way that you can. Meditate outside or integrate leafy walks into your routine. Working in the garden and growing food also does wonders for the Root Chakra. Take your Yoga practice outdoors (tips here) and ensure you’re also taking the time to enjoy outdoor moments. Always stop and smell the roses!

Do you have any questions or tips for working with the root Chakra? Share them in the comments!