We’re Going Organic – Grab A Bargain On Our Old Fabric!

in Apr 12, 2024

As many of you know, we’re going organic with our seamless clothing. We started phasing out our non-organic fabric with our online orders. Currently we were only selling our non-organic items in the Buddha Boutique and at Yoga shows. But for the last few items we’re doing a special discount online so you can grab the same high quality clothing at almost half price! The only difference here is the cotton in the fabric.

These are our last few pieces, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Why Are We Going Organic With Our Seamless Yoga Clothing?

As well as being kinder to the environment, we feel that this transition offers something to our customers that they’re not getting anywhere else. It’s incredibly difficult to find performance sports garments that are also high in cotton content, let alone organic. So we started offering exactly that! Only now we offer that cotton as GOTS certified organic. So you guys can now enjoy the skin kind, breathable, natural feel of cotton and know it’s certified organic too.

So Here’s What You Can Grab At A Bargain:


Ashtanga Seamless Leggings In Magenta Pink


Hatha Asana Seamless Yoga Capri Pants


Lotus Skirt Capri Yoga Leggings In Black And Red


Lotus Skirt Capri Yoga Leggings In Purple


Shanti Om Seamless Leggings With Mermaid Scale Pattern In Blue/Black

Remember – shop these styles with absolute confidence. They are the same quality, fit and performance you would expect from Yogamasti. Going organic was a fantastic move for us, but that doesn’t mean our earlier garments are any worse for it! Previously, these were top sellers, even before they were organic. So have no fear and pick up a bargain now because when they’re gone, they’re gone.