What Led Me To Designing Yoga Clothes – Part 4?

in Apr 17, 2024
Tomorrow never came for me!  sorry guys….

Started my meditations over the weekend so in total bliss exercising the power of Now

To come back to me and my story……

I grew up watching my dad start his day with Pranayam and used to be amazed when he would stand on his head and smile at me. Yes, he was an expert on headstands! Now I know the feeling of lightness in the posture and not just in my physical body…
After finishing my Prabhakar (6 years course in kathak style of classical dancing) and undergoing folk dance training in Delhi, I performed extensively with the best of artists, and represented India in the opening ceremony of the Asian games, 1982. I carried on with my dance work when I came to UK. Residencies performances, festivals, workshops ….I enjoyed them all and was also commissioned by Granada TV to choreograph two dance pieces as soon as i cxame to UK! Well, i was mighty pleased with myself of course, loved the elted feeling like we all do when we feel special, eh?

Hmmm…good old days of dancing, teaching and performing. I still teach and love every minute of it.Time wasnt to be still and life’s ups and downs took me on a detour and the woman in me faced a challenge. Life had lots of tricks in store for me, now was not the time to get into yoga…that was to come and it came after the hardest strokes of life with me and it was there to stay….yoga- yoga dvd, yoga clothing, yoga products…little was i to know that everything was preparing me to designing some wonderful yoga clothing for you 🙂

….Its 5.15 and my partner has just walked in so cooking time guys! Lets chat again tomorrow?

Leave you with a promo of my YOGA DVD…enjoy! Let me have your comments….

Lots of love x