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Anahata Burnout Red Yoga Leggings, Cotton, Full Length High Waist

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Another addition to our Handpainted Collection – the Anahata burnout red Yoga leggings. These Yoga leggings are made with cotton rich fabric. They are in a deep, warm burgundy red colour with a textured burnout effect. Structurally cut with pretty detailing along the waist. A V notch adds a little interest to the high waist, and the firm control flatters and tucks in the tummy. A super comfortable pair with extra soft fabric. They are breathable and stretchy enough for an active practice. The natural fibers are kind to sensitive skin and are naturally moisture absorbent. Secure wide ankle band (fold outside to create another look!). A cut out ‘v’ at the front draws attention to the structured, wide waist band and they are very practical in Asana practice.

A pair of red yoga leggings make a statement about the deep warmth we create in our practice. Every aspect of these leggings is spiritual in some way. We design to inspire you! A screen printed Yin Yang on the right calf in slate grey contrasts wonderfully with the gold painted accents on the printed mantras. Remind yourself to stay balanced with the Yin Yang motif.  Printed mantras wrap around the thigh and calf. They flatter the figure and draw the eye downwards. The Mantras are different parts of ‘Om Triyambakam Yaja Mahe’. Screen and hand painted details combined make a pair of Yoga leggings that are very chic and special.

About The Hand Paintings: The paintings are ultra durable and will not fade or wear away. Machine wash with the rest of your Yoga outfits with confidence. Our hand painted collections are also known for their lasting colour. This collection has been going on for nearly 10 years now – so buy with confidence.

Pair with our Chaturanga Bamboo Top for ultimate, silky soft comfort! Also check out the rest of our hand painted collection here. You’ll get unique, artistic pieces for your Yoga wardrobe, plus all the performance you need for the mat.

Anahata Red Yoga Leggings: Details

  • Deep burgundy red leggings
  • Cut out high waist detail
  • Super soft, comfortable and breathable
  • Yin Yang print on the calf
  • Mantra prints with hand painted accents
  • Om symbol on the thigh
  • Ankle cuffs are wide and secure