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Hand Painted Chakra Meditation Wrap - 100% Cotton

Color White
Style Chakras
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Our beautifully hand painted Chakra meditation wrap. This wrap/scarf features all seven Chakras symbols in Sanskrit  in their original colours. Its a beautiful wrap made with very fine cotton and can be multi purpose. A spiritual border of hand painted art lines the yoga wrap and surrounds the chakras. Each wrap is a unique artisan piece and an absolute treat to own. Check out our blog on how to use meditation wraps.

Delicately hand painted by a team of artists in India; these meditation wraps have been cured and pressed to last. The simple yet elegant piece of art can be used as a wrap and may double as a hanging to dress your altar. An excellent gift for the Chakra lover too. Get it framed and it will last for ever and dress your hall space. The artistry is beautiful  and the colours can be matched with almost anything. Throw it over a plain tunic and you’ll look fab! Best of all is these delicate hand painted yoga wraps are machine washable, so there’s no loss of vibrancy. Your meditation wrap should last for years, and will keep you inspired every day you see it!

Hand treated garments should be treasured and taken care of. All of our hand painted garments are machine washable and colour fast, without using harsh chemical dyes. A meditation wrap will become part of your meditation ritual, so remember to care for them.

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Chakra Meditation Wrap Features:

  • 100% cotton
  • Hand painted with all Chakra symbols
  • Machine washable
  • Use as a meditation wrap, scarf or pin to the wall as a hanging.
  • Makes a great altar piece