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Om Yoga Mat Bag - Gayatri Mantra Print, Water Resistant, Pockets - Saffron

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Our Om Yoga mat bag has all the utility you need, but still with Yogi flair! Our yoga mat bags are high quality and lined with water resistant fabric. Water bottle pockets, mobile pockets, inside zipper pockets and  more.  There is a lovely print of the  Gayatri mantra with symbols of OM throughout the mat bag. It has a single zipper closure. The belt has an antique finish keyring holder along with a mobile secure pocket. There is also a hand held handle on the top, so carry it over the shoulder like a rucksack or just hold it!  A great yogi feel comes when you’re holding this OM yoga mat bag! You’ll be inspired to practice!

This OM yoga mat bag is made out of fine cotton cloth and has a strong cotton lining inside for support. Travel with confidence and keep your Yoga mat and gear secure in a lightweight bag with all the features you need. This bag will fit all of our Yoga mats. It also goes beautifully with our clothing, especially our Bhakti Outfit!

Gayatri Mantra Meaning: This mantra is particularly powerful for Yoga, so access it to heighten your practice and invite the light of inspiration in. The Gayatri mantra is an ancient text and part of a Vedic hymn from the Rig Veda honouring Savitr, the god of the hidden sun. The Gayatri mantra has many translations, though it is known more generally as the mantra of divine light. For example: “We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may She enlighten our minds.” is a literal translation of the mantra. All translations focus on the divine light, and inviting inspiration and meditating on a supreme creative force.

Our Om Yoga Mat Bag Features:

  • Key holder
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Mobile/water bottle pocket
  • Water resistant lining
  • Wide comfort strap
  • Extra handle
  • The Gayatri mantra of light print