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Bronze Lucky Buddha Statue - Chinese Laughing Buddha

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A small but heavy bronze lucky Buddha statue. The statue comprises of cast metal and a semi-hollow base. This statue also has plenty of detail on the back, so does not need to be against a wall. This statue depicts the lucky Buddha seated on a large gold nugget, holding up a gold nugget in his hand. This style of Buddha symbolizes luck and good fortune. The statue is small enough to carry in your pocket for luck.

The casting has detail added with a brushed antique finish. Incredibly skillful work made using traditional methods. Highly detailed artisan craftsmanship with wonderful presence.  Elevate the atmosphere of your space with a unique piece of metalwork. A bronze lucky Buddha statue would make a lovely gift for loved ones who want a cheerful symbol of abundance in their space.

It should be noted that the laughing Buddha isn’t actually a Buddha at all, and is based on a Chinese Buddhist monk known for his cheerful disposition.

We have many statues available in our Buddha Boutique store. Our collection includes many different types of Buddha statues and deities. Take a look at our guide to some of the different types of Buddhas here. Statues in our home also help remind us to keep our spiritual headspace as well as just looking beautiful. Additionally, all our bronze work has been produced in Nepal by local artisans using traditional methods.

Bronze Lucky Buddha Statue Details
  • 40mm approx
  • Symbolises luck and good fortune
  • Small enough to carry in the pocket for luck
  • Heavy cast bronze