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Gold Elephant Incense Holder With Mosaic Detail

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A leaf-shaped gold elephant incense holder with mosaic patterning and a small elephant figure at the head. The center of the leaf has colored mosaics surrounded by floral and scroll patterns to the outer edge. The tip of the leaf is also covered in mosaics in a teardrop pattern. The holder is made from a light metal with engraved decorative patterns. Just beneath the little mosaic elephant is a colored rhinestone and a hole for incense sticks. The overall effect is simply stunning and will add a touch of Indian luxury to any room!

The holder is slightly concave to stop any ash from escaping and can hold any regular incense sticks or cones. There are also three little feet on the bottom to keep it stable. A gold elephant incense holder will look wonderful on a shelf or table as a decorative piece as well as being useful for meditation or home fragrance.

Elephant symbolism: Elephants are considered to be very lucky. A downward-pointing trunk means ‘storing luck for you’. An upwards trunk means ‘dispensing luck to you!’. Just like an elephant sprays water! To many elephants are also a symbol of strength and fortitude. As well as this, the elephant represents family relationships and working together. Real-life Elephants live in tight-knit family groups that all co-operate together, so you can see why. Many people place elephants around their home to attract luck and family harmony.

Gold Elephant Incense Holder Features:
  • Incense holder with mosaic patterns
  • Metal incense holder so no scorch marks
  • Well to catch ash
  • Highly decorative
  • Leaf design and floral paisley patterning
  • Lucky Elephant
  • Antique silver finish
  • 18cm approx