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Lotus Yoga Skirt Capri Pants - Organic, Black

Size UK 8-10
Color Black
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Simply beautiful skirt capri pants with fabulous attention to detail! What an addition to your wardrobe!

Firstly this pair of skirt capri pants are made with smart  moisture wicking technical fabric to keep you dry on the yoga mat. There is also lovely jacquard detail on the back of the waist band which creates a sporty, flowing  shape to the hips. The belt is wide and defines the waist, holding the tummy in or folding down. Because of the mesh feature at the calves it creates an extremely feminine and flattering leg shape.

The skirt is attached to the capri pants to allow a more covered-up version of tight fitting leggings or as an alternative to shorts and trousers. There is immense stretch in this fabric, too, as it’s been designed for yoga. You won’t have to be worried in inversions as the ‘bounce’ of the fabric is supportive and strong. There is also a  gusset, which allows for greater movement and comfort in a posture.

These capris also come in a gorgeous purple colour. Wear it to class or put some boots on and go shopping.

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80% Cotton 15% Nylon 5% Spandex

Moitsure wicking fabric

Comfortable sporty classic

Ideal practice fabric

Cotton rich