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Macrame Lotus Yoga Bracelet Or Anklet - Random Colour

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A macrame lotus Yoga bracelet that also ties around the ankle. Hand knotted and finished with wax. The gold spiritual symbol sits in the center. The metal disk has knots that secure it in place. Each end finishes in a plait and knot. Simply tie on the wrist or ankle. Tie in a bow to make it easy to take on and off. The waxed cord should keep the knot from slipping.

A wonderful beach bracelet or friendship bracelet as well as yoga jewellery. Wear during Yoga practice for a little spiritual reminder of where your headspace needs to be. Wear with a flowing summer dress and hit the beach. Give as a spiritual friendship bracelet to a friend. Pretty and long lasting. This handmade accessory shows the craftsmanship in every knot.

About Macrame:

Macrame knotting spread to Europe from Arabia during the Moorish conquest. The macrame technique uses combinations of different knots to create patterns and textures. It was originally used for decorative fringes on shawls and textiles. Nowadays you find all sorts of items made using macrame techniques. Macrame items range from plant pot holders to curtains, as well as traditional shawls. And it’s also a very popular technique for jewellery and accessories like these! These macrame bracelets are one of the many items we picked up for the Buddha Boutique on our travels. These were bought from roadside sellers, so the money went straight to the makers! We come across many interesting items this way, and frequently meet directly with artistans on our trips abroad. We love meeting people and we also love buying beautiful things! A match made in heaven!

Lotus Meaning: The lotus symbolises rebirth, enlightenment and purity of thought. Lotus flowers bloom from muddied waters, rising to the surface. The layers of petals in the large bloom symbolise different layers of the consciousness or the self. These petals grow from a central pod attached to a long stem which rises through the water. Inside these pods you find the seeds. These seeds are used in many ways and have religious and cultural significance to most eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

Please note the colour of the bracelet will be randomly picked from: black, dark green,  purple, orange, pink. However feel free to put your preference in the delivery notes and we’ll try our best to match it.

Lotus Yoga Bracelet Product Details:
  • Lotus Yoga Bracelet
  • Hand knotted macrame
  • Central metal lotus flower symbol
  • Tie on bracelet
  • Can be worn as an anklet