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Meditation Bell - Tibetan Singing Bowl Metal Blend

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A stunningly beautiful meditation bell with patterned carvings along the surface. Around the top of the bell the written characters of the auspicious symbols are carved. The removable handle is carved to resemble a Varja. The Varja is a ritual club that symbolizes a thunderbolt and a diamond. It’s often found as a double ended brass carving. The Varja represents the Vedic thunder God Indra and also represents spiritual power and a stalwart spirit.

This bell is perfect for use to signal the start and beginning of your meditation or Yoga practice. It also works as a wonderful focus for your meditation if you struggle to concentrate. Simply ring the bell and consciously follow the note until it peters out. This bell is also made of the same metal as our singing bowls to ensure that the bell keeps ringing for a long time and ends softly.

About the Auspicious Symbols: These symbols bring good fortune and are representative of the offerings made to Shakyamuni Buddha after he obtained enlightenment. This piece depicts the Lotus(purity), Conch(melody of the Dharma), Tresure Vessel(health, wealth, longevity) and Victory Banner(victory over hindrances on the path of enlightenment).

How And When To Use Your Meditation Bell

Grip the top of the Varja handle with your palm facing the floor and your fingertips gripping the top of the handle. Gently flick the bell forward once. Practice with your bell to find the result you like the most. Ringing the bell at different speeds produces different levels of sound intensity – so some might not feel right for your meditation. Due to the nature of the metal, these bells can ring very loudly and stay resonating for a long time. If you are using the meditation bell as a focus during your practice, you may find it’s better to ring more softly. If you’re a Yoga teacher signalling the end and beginning of a class or home practice, you may ring more vigorously.

Meditation Bell Details:
  • 14.5 cm height
  • Bell width 7.5cm
  • Made from a singing bowl metal blend for a lasting note
  • Removable Varja (symbolic ritual club) handle
  • Beautiful, clear, long lasting note
  • Signals the end and beginning of meditation
  • Provides a focus for meditation