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Men's Sacred Tattoo Slim Fit Mens Yoga Pants, Grey, White

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Color Gray
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Slim fit yoga pants. These are breathable, fitted, and able to deal with the range of movement needed in yoga. Narrow cuffs have great hold in inversions and you are able to see the full form of your legs as it wont ride up. Being slim fit and loose around the hip and groin area, you will love practicing in them. They are made with a fine blend of soft cotton and just enough Lycra to allow for great stretch. There is an inside pull string on the waist which you can adjust if needed to add comfort on the waist. As it keeps firm yet soft when it tightens, gain maximum comfort without sacrificing support. The pattern is intelligently designed for yoga and active pursuits by a yoga teacher. These plain patterned pants are made with a fine blend of cotton and lycra

There are two side pockets with contrasting lining. The pattern is paneled to give a structured and modern cut. Say goodbye to the days when we only wore baggy yoga pants to practice in! Slim fit mens yoga pants are finally here! A perfect new addition to a modern man’s yoga wardrobe!

(The grey version of these pants are identical in fit, but has a  tattoo motif on the leg)

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  • Great for Kundalini Yoga
  • Pockets
  • Pull string
  • Elasticated waist
  • Narrow bottom
  • Slim Fit