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Mini Flags - Tibetan Bunting Indoor or Outdoor 10cmx127cm

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Mini flags with Tibetan mantra print in white, blue, red and yellow. A 50 inch /127cm string of bunting to tie up anywhere you like. Add festival & mountain spirit to any area. Perfect for meditation or yoga rooms. Tie in trees and bushes for a colour pop, or hang on walls and ceilings inside.

Each 10cm flag is printed with mantras. Flags of this size allow you to customise an area and add multiple different strings – like fairy lights! Why not tie a few strings of flags up in a tree in the garden, along with some fairy lights. Mini flag’s can make a real festival atmosphere when put up like this!

mini flags Features:
  • 127cm/50inch string of tibetan manta bunting
  • Each flag is 10cm and printed with a mantra pattern
  • Use indoors or outdoors