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Mini Ganesha Statue In Cupped Hands - Bronze

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Pocket sized bronze mini Ganesha statue or incense holder.. These make wonderful little spiritual ornaments and are a lot heavier than their size implies! A beautiful cast bronze Ganesha statue with carved detailing. This tiny Ganesha is being held in cupped human hands, and is wonderfully unique! The Ganesha has oversize, stylized ears to indicate he listens to all prayers. His right palm indicates blessings and also has an Om symbol on the palm. Statues such as this are cast from a mold of an original carving. This mold then has liquid metal poured into it. These little statues have holes drilled in them for your incense sticks. The holes are relatively shallow so are best suited for stickless and wider sticked incense. Check out our other Ganesha gifts and statues here.

About Ganesha:

Ganesha is a very popular patron deity and the most widely recognisable of the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is an elephant God and son of the Goddess Parvati. He is the God of success, new beginnings and overcoming obstacles. He is also the God of wisdom and the intellect. You will find his likeness in workplaces and schools. He is often depicted with a small mouse which represents devotion. This mouse will also sometimes represent doubts and vices. This mouse is also Ganesha’s mount that he rides.

The symbolism of Ganesha’s Body Parts mini Ganesha statue: 

Elephants are the pathfinders of the animal kingdom. Like an elephant, his large body clears a path for others to follow, in a spiritual sense. Ganesha has large ears to hear all the prayers of his devotees. His tusks represent two aspects of the human being. These are wisdom and emotion. The right tusk represents wisdom and the left, emotion. The left tusk is broken, implying that one must let wisdom master emotion. His round belly represents the wholeness of the universe and encompasses all spiritual realms.

Ganesha Incense Holder/Statue Details
  • 30mm approx
  • Cast bronze
  • Carved detail
  • Offering a blessing
  • Holes for incense sticks
  • Makes a pretty mini statue/ornament as well as a holder