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Moksh Purifying Incense Set - Sandalwood/Loban With Holder

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A purifying incense gift set of 40 incense sticks with an Indian rosewood holder. All sticks are hand-rolled using natural woods, herbs and resins. All packed in a decorative tube with thread and shell detail. A perfect accompaniment to a yoga gift! With sandalwood and  Loban(Benzoin resin), this set is the ultimate fix-it for a space clouded by negative energy. This incense is also excellent for meditation, as the purifying and grounding properties are perfect for calming the mind. Simply take out a stick, put it in the holder and light. Burn time is 30-40 minutes; perfect for a meditation session! Remember not to leave incense unattended or near any flammable materials.

Great value pack!

About Sandalwood:

Sacred in many world religions; the cleansing properties of sandalwood are highly prized. This wood is often used in Ayurvedic traditional Indian medicine as it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. According to Hindu beliefs, the goddess Lakshmi will spread abundance to your household when you burn this wood.

About Loban:

Loban (or Benzoin in English) is a type of resin traditionally used to purify negative energies from places and people. It is also burned to prevent negative energy from returning to a space or accumulating.

  • 40 sticks & holder
  • Burn time 30-40 minutes
  • Highly decorative and make a perfect gift
  • Purifies negative energy and balances the mind