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Natural Incense Cones With Holder – Sandalwood, Lavender, Oudh, Musk

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15 natural incense cones with a ceramic incense holder included. Packaged in an organza bag; these make a gorgeous little gift. It has a pull string closure with gold thread. Additionally, each fragrance comes in a different colored bag with an embroidered bottom. They’ll look great on the shelf!

Sandalwood – Gold, Lavender – Pink, Musk – Maroon, Loban – Red

If you’re into aromatherapy or burn incense while you’re practicing yoga or meditation, these make a lovely addition to your collection! Incense cones are easy to store and very convenient, as the ash stays in the cone shape and doesn’t fall. Remember that these are still burning, however, so keep the area around them clear and don’t leave unattended. Any mess is easily caught in the included ceramic holder. So just tip any ash in the bin!

Here are the benefits of each fragrance and what they’re used for:

Sandalwood:  Sandalwood’s natural antiseptics clarify the air and ease anxiety. A good option for meditation and clarifying negative energy from a space.

Oudh:  Associated with activating the upper Chakras, Oudh or Agarwood improves mental clarity. Aids in spiritual focus as well, encouraging the Third Eye and perception. An earthy, woodsy scent perfect for a Yoga room.

Lavender : Burn lavender for stress reduction and to aid sleep. Perfect for a living room or bedroom where you relax and recharge.

Musk:  Associated with the sacral chakra and also used for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has a soft, base fragrance that works great for everyday burning. Additionally, as musk is a base fragrance, these also combine well with other fragrances without being overwhelming.

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Product  natural incense cones Features:
  • Gift set of natural incense cones in an organza bag
  • Ceramic incense holder included
  • 15 cones plus holder
  • 4 Natural fragrances available