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Om Symbol Rudraksha Seed Bracelet

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A rudraksha seed bracelet with a hanging Om symbol charm in silver. Strung on convenient stretch elastic which makes it easy to slip on and off. The rudraksha beads are wonderfully light and tactile – you’ll find yourself running your fingers over them all the time! A great choice of one of our perfect gifts for that spiritual person, or a rejuvenating treat for yourself. Wear casually with a flowing dress, or add a little extra inspiration to one of our yoga outfits.

Rudraksha Meaning: Rudraksha are holy seeds that are worn in garlands by Lord Shiva. ‘Rudra’ being one of Shiva’s Vedic names and ‘aksa’ meaning ‘teardrops’, though ‘aksa’ can also be translated as ‘eye’. They are often used as materials in Hindu and Buddhist prayer beads, such as the malas you see often in the Yoga world. They are also worn for protection and a rudraksha seed bracelet is a popular choice for organic jewellery.

Om Symbolism: We see the Om symbol everywhere in the Yoga world. We cover different aspects of the Om symbol in this article if you’re unfamiliar.  In simplest terms Om means… everything! It represents the whole universe, and the first sound of creation. It has such spiritual significance because of this all-encompassing idea. Om also symbolizes the Crown Chakra in tantric tradition, so you will often see it along side (or inside) the holy lotus, to show the expansion of the self and consciousness. The different strokes represent different aspects of the self.

Rudraksha Seed Bracelet Product Features:
  • Holy rudraksha seeds
  • Om symbol charm
  • Convenient stretch elastic