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Orange Yoga Block - Lightweight, Strong, Soft Touch

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The Yogamasti orange Yoga block is perfect to enhance your practice. This bright and zesty orange block is made to support, stabilise and align the body right. The yoga blocks are carved from EVA foam. Strong enough to bear your body weight but also light enough for you to transport easily to Yoga class. Used for many different exercises including building up shoulder support and raising hips for an uplifted spine. Increase the intensity of your stretch by adding blocks. Yoga blocks are easy to stack, store, and take with you to class. Your Yoga teacher can help you to use your blocks for a whole variety of postures, and give you exercises to do with your blocks at home!

Our purple Yoga block is more than tough enough to hold your weight, so don’t be scared to stand on it, stack it and support your weight in a plank. Mix and match with our other blocks for a colourful practice. These orange blocks match great with our orange Yoga mat.

A safer more practical alternative to the traditional wooden yoga block. Soft touch, non-slip and easy-care.

Orange Yoga Block Features
  • Ultra lightweight, practically weightless
  • EVA foam
  • Ultra tough
  • Perfect tools to help your practice progress
  • Will support you in tricky Yoga asana