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Practice Yoga Mat Purple/Grey - 6mm, 183cm

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The Yogamasti two-sided purple yoga mat is designed to give you the comfort and confidence in postures centered on your yoga mat. Get passionate about your yoga poses on this anti slip yoga mat made from eco-friendly TPE. A textured pattern has been engineered for superior surface grip empowering you to practice new poses. This yoga mat is compact and transport friendly. Not only does this practice mat provide you with great cushion, but this will also support your knees in a camel. It has reversible colours to match your mood and comes with a string carrier. This mat will not dig into the floor  and will prevent discomfort. An ideal mat to take to and from your yoga practice sanctuary.

Yogamasti Purple Yoga Mat Product Description

– 183cm x 61cm
– 6mm thick
– 1.08 kg
– Recycle friendly
-Extra wide
– Slip resistant