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Sacral Chakra Singing Bowl With Beater - Swadhisthana

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An orange Sacral Chakra singing bowl. Also called ‘Svadhisthana’ the Sacral Chakra is associated with a vibrant orange colour. Pick this bowl if you’d like to focus on creativity, sensuality and to open yourself to new experiences.

This is a sturdy 5 inch bowl with beautiful gold etching. The vibrant orange color complements the gold accents. The inside of the bowl depicts a Sacral Chakra symbol in gold, along with ‘Svadhisthana’ in Sanskrit. The outside rim of the bowl is also gold, along with additional Sacral Chakra symbols decorating the side. It has a lovely weight and feel in the hand and plays a high, clear note.

Buy it with or without a cushion. The cushion is there for dressing your altar though not needed to play the bowl. Comes complete with a mallet as seen in the picture.

Use singing bowls to:

  • Focus your mind during meditation
  • Calm down after a Yoga practice
  • Relaxation & muscle therapy
  • Make beautiful music!
  • Give a heartfelt gift
How to use the Sacral Chakra singing bowl:

Take your beater (included) and slowly drag the leather or wooden end around the rim. Following the gold strip around the outside rim, apply about as much pressure as if you were wiping the metal clean. A beautiful note should begin to play as the bowl vibrates. If you find it difficult to get the vibrations going, give the bowl a ding before you start playing.

About the Sacral Chakra

Connections with others and openness to new experiences are the key points of the Sacral Chakra. We guide our energy here to deal with aspects of connecting to others, sexuality and physical pleasure. We also focus on the Sacral Chakra when we need to inspire creativity & visual inspiration. It’s located on the lower abdomen, just above where the band of your underwear would lay.

Focusing on this Chakra helps with:
  • Connecting to others & sensuality
  • Creative energy and inspiration
  • Opening yourself up to new ideas and experiences
  • Physical pleasure and self care