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Shell Buddha Head Necklace - Hand Carved, Brown

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A silver Buddha head necklace in the mask style. Strung on an adjustable length black cotton cord. The pendant is silver tone with a good weight to it. The back is smooth and comfortable and features a secure top ring for the cotton string. The Buddha head necklace pendant is strung on black cotton cord which is adjustable from choker length to long length. Just adjust to suit whichever outfit you’re wearing!

This is a perfect beach or boho look necklace and looks perfect with light, flowing dresses. It’s also a great gift for that hippy chick or Yogi that loves a little spiritual symbolism in their clothes and accessories.

Buddha Head Necklac’e Meaning: Buddha heads represent spiritual and social awareness, knowledge and meditation. When we look upon the Buddha we are reminded to live consciously and kindly. Even just looking upon the face of the Buddha encourages a sense of calm and contentedness. Buddha statues and art are so popular, even to non-Buddhists, because of how they calm the energy of a space. The feeling a Buddha brings is innate. In Buddha head depictions, different parts of the head represent different aspects of Buddhist thinking. A good explanation is here. We also explained some of the different types of Buddha statues here.

Buddha Head Necklac’e Features
  • Silver mask style Buddha head pendant
  • Adjustable cotton cord
  • Smooth hollow back
  • Approx 40mm