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Shell Elephant Necklace - Hand Carved, Brown

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A hand-carved Buddha shell elephant necklace. Made using smooth, natural shell. A lucky elephant design carefully etched by hand into the surface of the shell. This technique makes a beautiful, tactile texture. Due to the nature of the material, these necklaces have a lovely sheen. They catch the light wonderfully when moved back and forth. Every one is unique, as every shell is unique. The necklace has a nice weight to it and has a comfortable, smooth back. Strung onto natural black cotton thread and uses sliding knots to adjust the length. The length can be very easily adjusted, so it can also be worn as a long or short necklace. Simply move the knots up and down to make it your desired length.

These are beach jewellery inspired and are a wonderful summer accessory. Get that hippy-at-the beach feeling! A pretty, spiritual gift or accessory that will get plenty of compliments. Check out our other spiritual jewellery here.

Spiritually, sea shells represent freedom. When we meditate we often think of wide, open beaches or stretches of calm water. Shells are used alongside Reiki healing as they are gentle and balancing.

Elephants are considered to be very lucky. A downward pointing trunk means ‘storing luck for you’. An upwards trunk means ‘dispensing luck to you!’. Just like an elephant sprays water! To many elephants are also a symbol of strength and fortitude. As well as this, the elephant represents family relationships and working together. Real life Elephants live in tight-knit family groups that all co-operate together, so you can see why. Many people place elephants around their home to attract luck and family harmony.

Shell Elephant Necklace Product Details
  • Shell elephant necklace on black cotton cord
  • Unique and hand carved
  • Adjustable length
  • Head measures 40mm x 30mm approx (due to the natural material, every necklace will be different)
  • Deep brown, shiny texture