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Speak No Evil Statue/Incense Holder - Bronze Monkeys

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This speak no evil statue of Gandhi’s three wise monkeys is cast in bronze with holes for incense. This little statue is much heavier than it’s size implies! The adorable three little monkeys are covering their mouth (speak no evil), ears (hear no evil), and eyes (see no evil). They are cast metal with carved detail. Statues such as this are made by first creating a carving, then making a mold from it. Into this mold, molten metal is poured to create a statue. It is good to note that the drilled holes for incense are quite shallow, so are best for use with stickless incense or wider sticked incense. Keeping a speak no evil statue is a great reminder of not letting evil go unseen, and endeavoring not to do any yourself.

Three Wise Monkeys Meaning:

It is a reminder of Ghandi’s visual metaphor of ‘speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil’. It’s based on a Japanese phrase that emerged in the 17th century as an easy to remember moral lesson. It was popularized in the rest of the world by Mahatma Ghandi as a message of peace and tolerance, but also a reminder not to allow injustice to go unnoticed.

In Japan the monkeys are called Mizaru (who sees no evil), kikazaru (who hears no evil), and Iwazaru (who speaks no evil). Ghandi’s counter parts are called (respectively) Bapu, Ketan and Bandar.

Speak No Evil Statue Product Details:
  • 30mm approx
  • 3 wise monkeys (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil)
  • Drilled holes for incense
  • Heavy cast bronze
  • Makes a lovely little ornament as well as an incense holder