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Sterling Silver Om Earrings With Antique Silver Finish

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Silver Om Earrings in a gorgeous calligraphic style. They are hung on delicate fish hook ear wires and feature a smooth back. They are stamped .925 and are a bright, shiny silver. The grooves of the textured Om symbol are of an antique silver finish that adds depth to the design. Earrings that hang from fish hook style backs have wonderful movement. They also catch the light (and attention!) very well, so you’re sure to get loads of compliments on this pair!

Earrings are a great way to dress up any outfit, and if you’re looking for some spiritual jewellery they’re a great option. These are as dressy or as casual as the accompanying outfit. They’re a great mix with other, softer textile accessories like pashminas. Dangly earrings and a pashmina are a chic choice for a day trip. A beautiful accent to a formal dress or weekend boho look. As they’re just straight silver, they’ll go with pretty much anything. They’re also lovely gifts. They’ll give that special someone a little spiritual inspiration. The symbol of Om inspires so many, especially us Yogis! Carry a little of that inspiration around with you and add these earrings to your favourite outfits.

Om Symbolism: We see the Om symbol everywhere in the Yoga world. We cover different aspects of the Om symbol in this article if you’re unfamiliar.  In simplest terms Om means… everything! It represents the whole universe, and the first sound of creation. It has such spiritual significance because of this all-encompassing idea. Om also symbolizes the Crown Chakra in tantric tradition, so you will often see it alongside (or inside) the holy lotus, to show the expansion of the self and consciousness. The different strokes represent different aspects of the self.

Silver Om Earrings Product Details
  • Stamped .925 silver earrings
  • Fish hook ear wires
  • Calligraphy look Om symbol
  • Antique finish on textured design
  • Wonderful spiritual jewellery gift