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Tie Dye Buckwheat Organic Meditation Cushion - Lotus

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A lotus organic meditation cushion in a crescent moon shape on tie dye fabric. We fill and put together these items ourselves in our Buddha Boutique, and customers love trying them out! The organic buckwheat is lightweight and comfortably moulds to your body. This comfort is invaluable during meditation, as discomfort in our sitting position is the number one distraction we face! The funky crescent moon shape is also excellent for supporting you if you find the round, high cushions to be a bit wobbly.

The top of the cushion has an inspiring ‘Om Shanti’ (an invocation of peace) embroidered in Sanskrit, as well as a large embroidered lotus in green, red and grey. Each tie dye pattern will be unique to the cushion! We also added a handy carry handle so you can move and travel with your cushion easily.

An organic meditation cushion is a great choice if you’re going to be meditating regularly, and is a lovely addition to a Yoga room or living room.

You can check out our other meditation supplies here. You can pair a cushion with one of our inspiring Gayatri Mantra meditation wraps, or Hatha Yoga sequence wraps, which have lovely painted motifs. Also check out this article for info on their use.

Lotus Meditation Cushion Details:

Materials: Strong durable canvas with an organic buckwheat filling.

Pattern: A dove grey striped tie dye that is unique to every cushion.

Embroidery: A large embroidered lotus in green, grey and red. Plus ‘Om Shanti’ in Sanskrit embroidered at the top.

Extra Features: Removable outer cover. Strong and durable carry handle. Crescent moon shape for ultimate comfort.