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Tower Box Incense Holder With Elephant Inlay - Mango Wood

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A tower box incense holder with a stamped metal elephant design. Take off the top to place the incense inside. It holds up to 4 incense sticks and 1 cone at once, so is great for large spaces. This is a box incense holder, so you put the incense inside of it and put on the lid. With this style of holder the smoke comes out of the lattice work holes, giving a lovely effect. Inside are four gold metal holes for sticks and a small tray to hold incense. The box is comprised of gorgeous smooth mango wood. It has small patterns of drilled holes to allow the smoke to escape. A metal elephant design decorates the middle. It has a lovely texture and stamped with a little elephant and pattern. The top has decorative silver studs and creates a pillar-like effect.

How to use:

Firstly pull the top piece off. Place your incense or cones in the metal-lined holders in the bottom piece. If you use incense sticks, make sure they are pointing straight upwards, not outwards. Next light your incense. Finally replace the lid, making sure you don’t catch the bottom on the burning sticks. The smoke should now begin coming out of the holes!

Remember never to leave incense unattended. Keep the area around the incense clear. Always monitor children around burning incense. Don’t leave the kids unattended around incense. Make sure you also catch the falling ash, as this can still be hot. So lastly, check out our incense here and burn it in style. You’ll have no mess, while adding a little eastern style to your home. Incense holders are a must-have, and come in many different shapes and styles.

Box incense holder Details
  • Mango wood box incense holder with an elephant design
  • Burns up to 4 sticks and one incense cone at once
  • Studded top and lattice work
  • Stamped metal elephant