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Women’s Buddha Mantra Skirt Leggings, Black, Handpainted

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Color Black
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These skirt leggings are a classic, comfortable, versatile and modest pair of pants that you’ll want to wear on or off the mat. We don’t all prefer standard leggings or bootleg styles – here is a legging with an attached skirt which makes the garment very feminine. Additionally, we have designed the skirt’s cut such that it has slits on the side to allow for greater movement and it won’t obstruct you in any yoga pose. It also benefits from a modern curved hem. The wrap over waist enhances comfort, up or down. And, guess what? There is even a pocket on the front of these Buddha skirt leggings for your mobile. Use it or not, it looks great!

The leggings themselves, which are attached to the skirt, have a hand painted beautiful mantra by our artists. The lotus on the mantra stands out and defines these yoga leggings. The mantra is OM Mani Padme Hum. This mantra is used most of all the Buddhist mantras. The bottom of the leggings have a band feature which turns outside when preferred. The skirt also has a striking lotus which goes well with the mantra on the other leg.

You can match it with lavender, black, grey or fuchsia color yoga tops. See our tops here.

  • Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra
  • Hidden Mobile Phone Pocket
  • Attached Skirt
  • Wrap Over Waist
  • Hand Painted
  • Machine Washable
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