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Dragon Door Handle - Nepalese, Bronze Patina

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This dragon door handle looks incredible and is certainly a unique addition to your home! It’s cast bronze with a beautiful green patina. This gives a lovely antique, temple feel to the handle. The patina also helps highlight the detail on the casting such as the scales and face. The handle depicts a curled dragon twined back and forward to make up the grip. The face and scales are also etched into the metal and add great texture. To the back there are two attached plates with holes drilled to fix the door handle on, meaning they can be attached to any doors or drawers. In the hand they feel heavy and sturdy and also have a great grip. The dragon is concave towards the back.

I’m sure you can imagine how incredible these will look! And they don’t just have to be for doors, either! They’d also work great on a big chest of drawers or a pair of bedside tables. They’ll add a lovely antique feel to a piece of furniture reminiscent of a temple or shrine.

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About the Nepalese dragon: In Nepalese folklore the dragon is a giant serpent said to possess magical powers. It’s also often used to symbolise the primal forces of nature. The dragon represents wisdom, time and longevity as well as life force and the primal power of the universe. Dragons are found in most world cultures and tend to have similar symbolic meanings, though visually they differ significantly.

Dragon Door Handle Details
  • 15cm approx
  • Bronze with green patina effect
  • Drilled holes on plates to back
  • Easy to attach
  • Heavy cast bronze