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Om Chakra Yoga Legging Outfit - Black, Embroidery, Organic

Size 10
Color Black/Rock
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Complete yoga legging outfit made for your comfort, design and fit. Beautifully detailed hand treated Om’s placed together to create a striking yoga mat look. Simple and elegant high yoga belt with pull string that gives you room to play. Create unique looks with an extra waist boost or a V fold by pulling the string tight. Made for any time of the day the high yoga belt and ankle bands fitted tightly on the leggings will keep you warm. Matching organic chakra yoga top compliments the colours of the om symbol naturally.

Enjoy the delicate Chakra embroidery on this finely selected Om yoga outfit. You can also buy the pieces separately. Get the leggings here and the top here.


– 92% Cotton 8% Lycra

– Gorgeous Om detail

– Fold over high waist

– Pull string

–  Ankle band

– Embroidered chakras