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Organic Lavender Eye Pillow - Lavender Flower & Linseed

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Get an Organic Lavender Eye Pillow for some ultimate you-time! Lavender is the most popular aromatherapy treatment for a reason! The scent of the flowers lulls the body into a more relaxed state, aiding sleep, meditation and yoga cool downs.

We pack our organic lavender flowers and linseed into separate pouches within the pillow. This allows for an easily removable and washable outer cover. There is also a zip closure for convenience and super soft texture for comfort. Linseed adds a weight to the pillow, allowing it to mold to your face so it will not slip off. Weighting the pillow also gives a gentle pressure to the eyelids, aiding your relaxation & comfort.

Lay a lavender eye pillow gently across the eyes while meditating. The fragrance and the weight of the pillow on the eyelids will calm your mind and get you into a more relaxed state. Pair with our rose quartz and amethyst yoga bracelet for a aromatherapy/crystal healing meditation combo.

Please note: we can’t guarantee the cover pattern, but if you put your preferred colour in your delivery notes we will try our best!

Lavender Eye Pillow Features:
  • Organic lavender flowers and linseeds
  • Removable cover
  • Relaxing fragrance to aid sleep & meditation
  • Soft cotton cover