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Black Slate Stone Bracelet With Gold Buddha Head - Stretch Elastic

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A smooth black stone bracelet made from black slate. The beads are silky smooth to the touch and accented with a gorgeous gold Buddha head. The bracelet is also strung on stretch elastic, so is easy to slip on and off. The gold plated Buddha bead makes a wonderful contrast to the matte, earthy black. A contrasting black onyx bead sits opposite the Buddha head bead. You don’t often find jewellery made from slate, despite how lovely it feels on the skin. It remains cool for a long time after you put it on, and you will find yourself running your fingers over and over the soft surface. In crystal healing, slate brings balance and revitalizes lost energy.

Wear as a pretty spiritual accessory or put on for Yoga practice. These bracelets make wonderful gifts for friends.

Buddha Head Meaning: Buddha heads represent spiritual and social awareness, knowledge and meditation. When we look upon the Buddha we are reminded to live consciously and kindly. Even just looking upon the face of the Buddha encourages a sense of calm and contentedness. Buddha statues and art are so popular, even to non-buddhists, because of how they calm the energy of a space. The feeling a Buddha brings is innate. In Buddha head depictions, different parts of the head represent different aspects of Buddhist thinking. A good explanation is here. We also explained some of the different types of Buddha statues here.

Slate Meaning in Crystal Healing: Use slate to bring balance to the Chakras. The density and light absorbing properties make it a great ‘meditator’ between other stones. Use to stop different crystal energies from overwhelming eachother. Traditionally popular for art and communication, use this stone to help express yourself in a balanced, unbiased way.

Black stone bracelet details:

  • Black stone bracelet
  • Made from smooth black slate
  • Buddha head accent bead in gold
  • Convenient stretchy elastic