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Lotus Seed Bracelet With Gold Buddha - Stretch Elastic

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A lotus seed bracelet with a silver Buddha head bead. Strung on convenient stretch elastic, making it easy to slide on and off. Stretch beaded bracelets are a great way to have a little inspirational bracelet you can take everywhere, which isn’t fiddly or delicate. Additionally, due to the natural nature of the beads, please take care not to get them wet.

Lotus Meaning: The lotus symbolises rebirth, enlightenment and purity of thought. Lotus flowers bloom from muddied waters, rising to the surface. The layers of petals in the large bloom symbolise different layers of the consciousness or the self. These petals grow from a central pod attached to a long stem which rises through the water. Inside these pods you find the seeds. These seeds are used in many ways and have religious and cultural significance to most eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

Buddha Head Meaning: Buddha’s heads represent spiritual and social awareness, knowledge and meditation. When we look upon the Buddha we are reminded to live consciously and kindly. Even just looking upon the face of the Buddha encourages a sense of calm and contentedness. Buddha statues and art are so popular, even to non-buddhists, because of how they calm the energy of a space. The feeling a Buddha brings is innate. In Buddha head depictions, different parts of the head represent different aspects of Buddhist thinking. A good explanation is here. We also explained some of the different types of Buddha statues here.

A great choice of one of our perfect gifts for that spiritual person, or also a rejuvenating treat for yourself. Wear casually with a flowing dress, or add a little extra inspiration to one of our yoga outfits.

Lotus Seed Bracelet Product Details
  • Elastic stretch bracelet
  • Beige spotted natural lotus seeds
  • Silver Buddha head accent bead