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Lotus Yoga Skirt Capri - Organic, Purple, Seamless

Size UK 12-14
Color Purple
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Simply beautiful skirted yoga capri pants with fabulous attention to detail! What an addition to your wardrobe!

Our lotus capri pants are made with smart moisture-wicking fabric, so you’ll stay dry on the yoga mat. Jacquard detail on the back of the waist creates a sporty, flowing shape to the hips. The belt is wide and defines the waist, holding the tummy in or folding down. Mesh detail at the calves creates a feminine and flattering leg shape.

The skirt is attached to the capri pants for a more covered-up version of tight-fitting leggings, or as an alternative to shorts and trousers. They provide immense stretch and maneuverability; in fabric designed for demanding postures. There’s plenty of stretch in the attached Yoga skirt to give you a great range of movement while still staying covered up. You won’t have to be worried about inversions as the ‘bounce’ of the fabric is supportive and strong. An in-built gusset allows for greater movement of the legs and comfort in postures. They will not ‘bunch’ at the crotch and hinder flow.

Also available in a gorgeous black version. A matching top is also available. So you can wear it to class or throw some boots on and go shopping – your choice!

  • 80% Cotton 15% Nylon 5% Spandex
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Comfortable and super stretch
  • Ideal practice fabric
  • Cotton rich