Introduction to the Chakras

Chakras – they’re a key part of the Kundalini Yoga Practice but can be a bit of a daunting subject for newbies, but they’re not as complicated as they seem! It’s all about focusing on important centers of the body, and what they are associated with. Paying attention to specific...

Self Care – Behind the Buzzword

Behind The Latest Health Buzzword And Our Top Self Care Tip   Self Care – It’s a soundbite we’ve all heard around the health and wellbeing community. But what does it mean in practice, on a personal level? To ‘the self’? Self Care goes deeper than an addendum on a...

Fab Fabrics – All About Our Fabric Options!

Fab Fabrics! Fabrics are a huge deal to us here at Yogamasti! Our slogan ‘Comfort in Style’ comes from a desire to provide customers with practical, comfortable activewear, without sacrificing stylish looks. You don’t have to pick practicality and comfort over style with us! When we design it’s with other...

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