Is Hot Yoga Safe? Who Should Probably Avoid It?

So is Hot Yoga Really Safe? Who should be avoiding hot classes? Elevated temperatures are in almost every studio right now, and the debate on hot yoga is still going strong, despite the cloud of controversy surrounding Bikram Yoga. The majority of people can practice hot yoga perfectly safely, but...

Common Fashion Shortcuts – Why We Don’t Buy In

  Common Fashion Industry Shortcuts: Our View   Fast, cheap fashion has become a staple for a lot of us, and is especially prevalent in the activewear industry. Companies use a lot of shortcuts to get those profit wheels turning as fast as possible. The result is cut corners and...

Mainstream Meditation – What it Means for Public Wellness

Our Thoughts: For a lot of Yogis, yoga practice and meditation go hand in hand. Meditation practice however has taken a little longer to be popularised, perhaps due to the assumed religious connections. But with the advent of mindfulness and gradual de-stigmatisation of many mental health issues, meditation has gone...

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