A couple of tips for balance from us so you can beat the wobbles! These tips will help you work your way to wobble-free practice.

Our top 3 tips for balance:

tips for balance

  1. Remember your center! Focus on your center of gravity. Where are your most stable points? Imagine a single pillar coming out of the floor and build your body around it. By maintaining the ‘integrity’ of this pillar it’s easier to stay balanced. Building your body around it ensures any wobbles are supported by a solid foundation.tips for balance
  2. Use props until you’re more confident. Practice next to a wall or use blocks and belts to support you. Use belts to hold up a leg or knee. This transfers some of the weigh to your arms, making it easier to correct and prevent instability. This will help you feel safer when you are practicing a pose that requires good balance. Gently ease yourself into tricky poses over many practices. You don’t have to stay in hand-to-toe pose for 20 breaths without wobbling once! Practice near a wall with your extended foot close to touching it. Then any wobbles can be caught right away without giving you too much support in the pose.tips for balance
  3. Ask others to show you where your center of gravity or ‘pillar’ is misaligned. It’s difficult to notice misalignment when you can’t see your whole body. You may be feeling unbalanced and not know how to correct it without looking. Luckily most studio spaces will have full length mirrors. But don’t be shy to ask someone else if they see any problems with your pillar of support!



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