What Is Your Birthday Buddha And What Does It Mean?

When you enter some Thai Buddhist temples you leave an offering to your birthday Buddha. Each of these birthday Buddhas correspond to different days of the week. It’s like the poem about Monday’s Child, Tuesdays Child etc. Your own Buddha is whichever day of the week you were born on. Wednesday’s children are a little special though! Wednesday has two Buddhas – one for those born before noon, one for those born after.

If you don’t know what day of the week you were born on click here and this site will tell you!

In this post we’ll be looking at all the different birthday Buddhas and what they symbolise, plus what your Buddha is supposed to say about your personality! We’ve talked about different types of Buddhas in this blog, so check it out for additional Buddhas and info.

Monday’s Birthday Buddha – Pang Ham Yati

mondays birthday buddha statue with palm hand raised and palm outwards

Your birthday Buddha represents compromise and mediation. It depicts the Buddha pacifying relatives dispute after returning from heaven. It’s a standing Buddha, which are more common in Thailand. He has his hand raised up in a calming gesture with his palm outward, to dispel tension.

What Does It Say About Me?

Those born with this Buddha are said to be down to earth, serious with great attention to detail and memory. They are also said to be fond of travelling.

Your lucky colour is black! I’d say it’s additionally lucky to have a lucky colour that goes with everything!

Tuesday’s Birthday Buddha – Pang Sai Yat

your birthday buddha for tuesday. a golden buddha laying down on his side

I always wondered why the reclining Buddha was always my favorite – till I found out it’s my birthday Buddha! It seems I always had a good connection to it.

This Buddha is often used to represent journeys and enlightenment. It depicts the Buddha in his last earthly moments, awaiting the journey to Parinirvana, after achieving enlightenment. The first depiction of the reclining Buddha can be found in Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, and is well worth a visit if you are ever travelling!

What Does That Say About Me?

Lucky Colour: Yellow. An optimistic, fun and energising colour!

Wednesday’s Buddha – Pang Umbat

Your Birthday Buddha is the Buddha collecting alms. He is a standing Buddha who carries a bowl to hold gifts of alms. The Buddha does not represent money however. It symbolises the good Karma gained by helping others. It is a caring, compassionate Buddha.

What Does That Say About Me?

If you were born on a Wednesday morning: You are said to be an emotionally connected, creative person with good manners!

Lucky Colour: Green! An earthy, positive, creative colour!

If you were born on a Wednesday evening: You are said to be an honest, hardworking, steadfast person!

Lucky Colour: White. The colour of purity, clarity and peace.

Thursday’s Buddha – Pang Samti

your birthday buddha for thursday. a white carved statue of the buddha meditating

Your birthday Buddha is the meditation Buddha. This Buddha represents deep concentration, peace and meditation practice. You see this Buddha a lot in Japan and Korea. He is depicted with his eyes closed in contemplation and his hands in his lap. This statue is often found in beautiful Yoga and meditation rooms to create a sense of serenity and calm.

What Does That Say About Me?

You are a peace loving, relaxed, calm person. Like the statue!

Lucky Colour: Orange. A cheery, warm and energetic colour.

Friday’s Buddha – Pang Ram Pueng

Your birthday Buddha is the contemplation Buddha. This Buddha represents forgiveness, tolerance, patience and communication. He is a standing Buddha with one hand placed over the other on his chest.

What Does This Say About Me?

If this is your Buddha you’re said to be fun, friendly, outgoing and ambitious.

Lucky Colour: Pink! The colour of love, harmony and positive thinking.

Saturday’s Buddha – Pang Nak Prok

This dramatic and beautiful Buddha is your birthday Buddha! He represents the Buddha being sheltered by the Naga (a semi-divine half serpent, half human being) king. It symbolises a story in which the Naga king protects the meditating Buddha from a monsoon with his many cobra hoods, while he elevates the Buddha over the flood waters.

What Does This Say About Me?

People born to this Buddha are said to be even tempered, logical and introverted.

Lucky Colour: Blue. The colour of wisdom, serenity and insight.

Sunday’s Buddha

Your birthday Buddha is the Seven Days Buddha. This statue depicts the Buddha after he received enlightenment. In this story, he was said to have stood for 7 days and nights without blinking once.

What Does This Say About Me?

Those born to the Seven Days Buddha are said to be respectable and beloved by those around them. They are also said to be very wise.

Lucky Colour: Green! An earthy, positive, creative colour!

We hoped you liked finding out about all these beautiful Buddhas! You can check out ours here.


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