Yogamasti spotted in Berlin at the yoga Festival in Kladow!

Yogamasti spotted in Berlin at the yoga Festival in Kladow!

Hello fellow readers!

So those of you who follow us will know that Yogamasti’s beautiful clothing & accessories collections were taken to Berlin for the Yoga Festival in Kladow for the second time! The scenery was absolutely be-auti-ful! We were by the river in forest settings, and every day I took a walk to freshen up and soak in all the natural energy for the full day ahead. Absolutely amazing and loving crowd, the vibe was inspiring and we have taken away so much good energy back with us. Our seamless collection spread its wings and really took off during the entire time, as our shoppers really enjoyed the quality of our product and took it back with them. Yogamasti loves happy customers, so if you were there and have spotted us: let us know and give us some feedback!

Yogi Hugs

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  1. Nicola

    Aanika, this looks brilliant! I can’t believe you manage all of these shows. I wish I had some of your energy ! Keep up the fab work 🙂 x

  2. Aanika

    You do and you will have lots more than me after your docsaga takes a positive turn! And believe it will 🙂 x

  3. Robert Greene

    Your shows is really awesome, The management of this show is brilliant.

  4. Sasa

    I like your show it’s great, I agree with robert greene management is really awesome.

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